Merchandise Insurance
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Merchandise insurance
  • We offer the best coverages from Bodega to Bodega. Protect your investment, against losses, damages, theft and accidents, we insure all types of merchandise during your transportation, national and international cargo (imports and exports).

  • We are your most reliable Risk Assessment Advisor. Let us minimize the potential risk for your company, while you are dedicated to growing your business.

  • We work with dedicated insurers and with more experience in the field.

Warehouse and packaging
  • Inventory storage from a space of 25m2.

  • Inventory control.

  • Security system 24/7.

  • Closed circuit of maximum security.

  • Loading and unloading of units.

  • Maneuvering services.

  • We give personalized follow-up of all your movements, assigning a specialized executive in your account, responsible for your full satisfaction (without additional cost).

  • We have strategic alliances with transport companies, of great prestige and quality.

  • Comprehensive advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • We reward the loyalty of our clients, ask your advisor for our loyalty program.

Logistics consultants

We are experts in the field, we advise you so that your warehouse and your distribution are handled in the most efficient, fast and safe way. Especially with a focus on cost reduction and profitability for your company.


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